Sweet Bee Scan

(Let's See Your Baby "Bee" ) Available after established prenatal care * * $55.00 * * This scan is perfect for expectant mothers who need a little assurance and ease their worries of their growing little honey bee. You will get a sneak peek of your little one with definition of head and body (including arms and legs) and the visualization of a little "buzz" of heartbeat. ^^ Click for more ^^

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Baby Bee Scan

(What Will Your Baby "Bee") 16 weeks to 38 weeks gestation * * $99.00 * * This option is perfect for Moms and Dads who cannot wait for their 20-24 week anatomy ultrasound at the doctor's office. Let us give you a sneak peek of your baby's gender so you or a loved one can host a gender reveal party to treasure for a lifetime! ^^ Click for more ^^

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Bumble Bee Scan

(Let's See Your Baby "Bee" in 4D) 20-34 weeks gestation * * $160.00 * * Recommendation: Please consider scheduling 1-2 weeks in advance for appropriate preparation of your exam. This ensures we get the best chance at great pictures! This scan is perfect for expectant moms to see their little bouncing baby in incredible detail with a live 3D/4D ultrasound. Your baby starts to add fat after about 24 weeks, so you can see chubby cheeks and more definition of that cute baby face. We love to show your baby's anatomy off so this is a perfect scan for you if you just want to gaze at your perfectly created baby "bee!" ^^ Click for more ^^

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Last Chance Scan

(Last chance to see your baby-to-bee before your delivery) Only offered after 34 weeks *Offered only to previous customers during the same pregnancy * * $55.00 ** *New Customer price * * $90.00 * * This scan is perfect for Moms and Dads who want to see their baby one last time before they officially join your hive! *Special offer with this scan: we will attempt a 3D/4D scan at no additional cost, but images are not guaranteed due to factors that affect imagery during later gestational ages of the expecting momma. ^^Click for more^^

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Digital Processing image
Capture all of the special moments by adding on digital processing! 

Why choose digital processing? Digital processing enhances the images taken during your session. It gives your technologist the time to "post-process" all of the images to make them picture perfect for you to share with your loved ones. You'll receive your entire session by email within 1-2 business days following your scan! Video conversions (if applicable) included!

*Digital processing for bundled packages will receive all of their pictures and video conversions by email within 1-2 business days following each scanning session within their purchased package. 


If scheduling a weekend appointment, you may be asked to provide a credit card to reserve your appointment. If you choose to cancel, we offer no fee as long as you cancel within 24 hours. A fee of $35.00 will be charged if you cancel less than 24 hours from your appointment time, or do not show to your appointment. Please see our other policies.

Payment Options

To make it more convenient for you, we accept all major credit cards through Square! 


Baby Bee's availability is contingent upon our schedules during the week and weekend.  Our scans are strictly by appointment only. We will do our best to accommodate a time that will work for you--That's the great benefit of having two worker Bees at your service!

Call or message us today to schedule your scan!

218.499.5971 or babybeeduluth@gmail.com 

Bashful Bees?

We understand how bashful some little bees can be! We want you to have the BEST experience and therefore we may invite you back if we cannot see gender clearly or get the best 3D/4D pictures we can. This is at the discretion of your ultrasound technologist.

Please be advised--3D/4D imaging is VERY dependent on how your little bee is positioned and the amount of fluid around baby's face.

Bundling Packages

Can't choose just one scan option? Let's Bundle!

Package 1: (3) Sweet Bee Scans $150.00 (To use at any time in your pregnancy 12W+)

Package 2: (1) Sweet Bee Scan & Baby Bee Gender Scan $140.00

Package 3: All 3 scans for $275.00 (1 scan in 1st Trimester, Gender Scan, and 3D/4D scan)

Package 4: (1) Sweet Bee Scan & Bumble Scan $190.00 (Sweet Bee Scan can be used at any gestational age and Bumble Scan must be used before 32 weeks)

*All packages are subject to taxes and feeS*

Social Media

Find us on FaceBook and Instagram for possible promotions throughout the year!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/babybeeduluth/

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Baby-Bee offers a military & law enforcement discount (thank you for your service)! *Must show valid ID*

Earn $10 off a future scan if you do a Google Review for us! 😊

Check our page and social media accounts for special promotions throughout the year!
Get to Know us! imageGet to Know us! image
We (Jodie and Jen) met back in 2009 when taking courses for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) and have remained the best of friends since! We both grew up in the Twin-Ports area and are excited to serve those close to home. It has always been a dream of ours to work together and we finally decided to make that dream a reality by starting, Baby-Bee. Choose us to share in your excitement of a new pregnancy! We have over 12 years of experience working in diagnostic obstetric ultrasounds. We both trained under a premier hospital in the Northland and remain close to many of the local OBGYN's. We are ready to give you an un-BEE-lievable experience and a keepsake that you will treasure forever!

Alexandra Malone recommends Baby-Bee. May 30 ·
"We had the best time visiting Baby-Bee and finding out the gender of our baby. They were so kind and it was wonderful for the whole family to be a part of this experience! Highly recommend!"

Natalie Larson recommends Baby-Bee. June 16 ·
"I went there today to find out the gender of my baby. The staff is super friendly and my husband got to see our baby for the first time due to Covid 19. Being new parents, it was important to me for him to see our baby before it was born. I would highly recommend. Their prices are reasonable and I would gladly pay that for their amazing service. Thank you all so much for helping my husband and I discover our baby was a girl!"

Holly Taylor Larson recommends Baby-Bee.
"Thank you to the ladies at baby- bee for letting us see our first grandchild and having one heck of a gender reveal!! So affordable and friendly! It was nice to have the whole family there for the big news:) It’s a girl!!!"

Erin Frances  recommends Baby-Bee. 
"Seeing our baby in 3D/4D was an amazing experience!! Jody was fabulous! Very friendly and helpful. She took the extra time to make sure we got some awesome pictures of our baby girl!! Can’t say enough good things about Baby-Bee. Thank you sooo much!!"

Paige Konrad recommends Baby-Bee.
2 months ago
"We went in a couple of weeks ago to see our little one growing and we had a WONDERFUL experience! I would recommend Baby-Bee to anyone who is pregnant in a heat beat! They were so kind and able to get us some great pictures to take home, as well as digital copies sent to us! We will definitely be going back throughout our pregnancy!!"

April Cary recommends Baby-Bee.
3 months ago
"I can not even describe what a wonderful experience this was! I felt comfortable and welcome from the moment I walked in. Plus I got to see my beautiful little girl! Like another review mentioned I didn't feel rushed and they made me feel special. 1000 × recommend this place. I will definitely be back. (Probably more than once)."

Amanda Schafter recommends Baby-Bee.
5 months ago
"I had a very active baby for me gender reveal scan and they were so patient and kind about getting enough images to determine gender. I am so excited for our 3D/4D scan soon! thank you!!!"

Stephanie Pybas recommends Baby-Bee.
1 month ago
"Everything was great! Jen was very knowledgeable and accommodating. She made us feel very comfortable and took her time when our baby wasn’t cooperating. Would recommend 10/10!"

*Read more customer experiences on our Facebook page: babybeeduluth or on our Google business page. Just search: Baby-Bee, Duluth, MN
  • 103 E 1st St, Duluth, MN, USA


Write Us A Review! If you have utilized our services, write an honest GOOGLE review on our business page for Baby-Bee and you will receive $10 off a future scan that you can use or gift to a friend or family member to use! *Need to present offer at checkout!

Baby-Bee, LLC Policies

We want to make sure you understand that this is an elective prenatal ultrasound provided by Baby-Bee, LLC. This elective ultrasound service does not replace the ultrasounds you receive at your doctor's office. You must be under the care of a medical professional (OB-GYN) at the time of your elective ultrasound. 

We hate saying no, but sometimes we have to! In this rare instance, we will provide a full refund unless we find it is due to false pretenses. 

Cell Phones:

We understand the importance of sharing this experience with your loved ones who cannot be with you at your scan, so we encourage you to use video conferencing to share the experience! 

*Digital files are available (through email) at an additional cost to share your experience with loved ones. 


Baby-Bee, LLC does not provide refunds or guarantees. We cannot guarantee results, but we can guarantee we will do our best to get great images for you.


We require a 24 hour notice for all cancellations at our facility. If we receive less than a 24 hour notice we have a $35.00 cancellation fee and future appointments will require an advance non-refundable payment. The $35.00 fee will be waived if you re-book and prepay at the time of cancellation. 


If you do not show up for your session, or give less than a 24 hour notice, we will charge a $35.00 no show fee and require a full non-refundable prepayment for any future services. 

Packaged Sessions and Return Visits:

If you are returning due to a bashful baby, or if you have a multi-scan package, the cancellation policy still applies. If you cancel without a 24 hour notice, or no show, your session will not be repeated. You will be required to pay for additional appointments at the normal rate. 


Please arrive on-time to your scheduled appointment. You will be asked to read carefully and fill out our waiver and service agreement. Please plan ahead for traffic and weather conditions for both you and your party. 

If you are late we will do what we can to get you as much scan time as possible, but time beyond your scheduled appointment can rarely be allotted. 

Please call ahead if you are running late. If we have notice that you are running late, we can try to move someone else ahead so that you can get your full scan time. 

Please be advised that we cannot and will not wait for other members of your party who are running late. 

We always retain the right to make decisions on a per-case basis. While we are sympathetic to individual situations, we have a larger obligation to keep our appointments running on time so very few exceptions can and will be made.