Baby-Bee, LLC Policies

We want to make sure you understand that this is an elective prenatal ultrasound provided by Baby-Bee, LLC. This elective ultrasound service does not replace the ultrasounds you receive at your doctor's office. You must be under the care of a medical professional (OB-GYN) at the time of your elective ultrasound. 

We hate saying no, but sometimes we have to! In this rare instance, we will provide a full refund unless we find it is due to false pretenses. 

Cell Phones:

We understand the importance of sharing this experience with your loved ones who cannot be with you at your scan, so we encourage you to use video conferencing to share the experience! 

*Digital files are available (through email) at an additional cost to share your experience with loved ones. 


Baby-Bee, LLC does not provide refunds or guarantees. We cannot guarantee results, but we can guarantee we will do our best to get great images for you.


We require a 24 hour notice for all cancellations at our facility. If we receive less than a 24 hour notice we have a $35.00 cancellation fee and future appointments will require an advance non-refundable payment. The $35.00 fee will be waived if you re-book and prepay at the time of cancellation. 


If you do not show up for your session, or give less than a 24 hour notice, we will charge a $35.00 no show fee and require a full non-refundable prepayment for any future services. 

Packaged Sessions and Return Visits:

If you are returning due to a bashful baby, or if you have a multi-scan package, the cancellation policy still applies. If you cancel without a 24 hour notice, or no show, your session will not be repeated. You will be required to pay for additional appointments at the normal rate. 


Please arrive on-time to your scheduled appointment. You will be asked to read carefully and fill out our waiver and service agreement. Please plan ahead for traffic and weather conditions for both you and your party. 

If you are late we will do what we can to get you as much scan time as possible, but time beyond your scheduled appointment can rarely be allotted. 

Please call ahead if you are running late. If we have notice that you are running late, we can try to move someone else ahead so that you can get your full scan time. 

Please be advised that we cannot and will not wait for other members of your party who are running late. 

We always retain the right to make decisions on a per-case basis. While we are sympathetic to individual situations, we have a larger obligation to keep our appointments running on time so very few exceptions can and will be made.